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FACE FACTORY - Galvanic Z Waterpeeling Machine

FACE FACTORY - Galvanic Z Waterpeeling Machine

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For the first time to meet the water proof, 
Galvanic Peeling Device at home.

1,530,000 times per minute, 25,500 ultrasonic waves per second to exfoliate the skin,
Ionizing cosmetic ingredients using micro-currents to aid absorption and lifting.
Microscopic vibration of ultrasonic waves is transmitted to the water particles attached to the skin's surface to discharge pollutants in the skin.

*24K Plating, Patented Blade
*IPX Water Resistance
*2.5 times the application area! 

Stage Solution

✔Micro ultrasonic wave

✔Galvanic positive/ negative


✔Convenient charging

The intense cleansing of having the skin with a water beam!

Care skin pollutants with the hypoallergenic ultrasonic vibration developed by "Face Factory researchers"

🤞A patent-pending blade focused entirely on function!

The Z-blade, which is in the form of a double band, increases the application area compared to the existing peeling machine to reduce skin irritation.

Designed to use galvanic functions effectively.

🤞PEELING I 25,500 Ultrasonic and Hypoallergenic Blades per Second

🤞GALVANIC I Efficient absorption with a large blade area

🤞Complete renewal with 24K plating

What if the device I bought to improve my skin doesn't fit my skin?

24K plating improves micro-current transmission and lowers the risk of metal allergy.

🤞Even the makeup in the pores is all OUT!


Resolve makeup, dead skin cells, and wastes in pores simply and without irritation.

✅The convenient 3 mode

✔ Ultrasonic mode - The mode not only relieves bumps on the face but removes pollutants such as blackheads on the face using ultrasonic vibration.

✔ Negative ion mode - It's the mode that delivers nutrients in the cosmetic products to the skin deeply with the negative ion function

✔ Positive ion mode - It has an effect on the recovery elastic of skin because the positive ion function helps to shrink skin


🤔Galvanic function?

It's the function that used the principle that the same current pushes each other helps to deliver nutrients in the cosmetic product which are hard to deliver to the skin by dabbing skin to the skin well by ionizing with negative or positive ion massage.

✅The verified effect by clinical test

✅The self-home care device enables you to care for skin conveniently

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